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Connecticut Cottages & Gardens features InSitu

Redding-Garden-InSitu-Salvatore Pilato Terrace, Stone Work, Fire Place

Check out this Redding estate, InSitu, featured in a Connecticut Cottages & Gardens article which includes the masonry work of my father Salvatore Pilato and my sculpture, stone and water features.  This rare garden includes 18 “rooms” rich with texture, gorgeous in its layers but also subtle with the movement of grasses, plants and water.  InSitu, a product of renowned landscape architect Richard Hartlage and owner Michael Marocco, was an inspiring place to create stonework and sculpture.  We were proud to have created pools, fireplace, pizza oven, water features and other structures for both beauty and function.  I see how the individual elements make their own statement, however, all together in the lush, verdant setting, as writer Susan Tamulevich notes, InSitu is a gorgeous intersection of art, function and nature.

I am sharing photos from photographer David Heald for Connecticut Cottages & Gardens, also seen in this slideshow, and including some photos of our own.

Redding-Terrace-Salvatore Pilato with Pilato Brosgarden fountain with stone wall steps InSitu