Monthly Archives: March 2017

Spring, Water and Birds

Spring is around the corner!

With the spring comes many things: outdoor living without jackets, hope eternal, flowers, birds, and water.  All of which are enjoyable but being a stone artisan, I am partial to birds and water.  When I see a bird visit a birdbath I see an inanimate object come to life and exhibit energy.  It’s a great feeling to see something you made interact with nature in a joyous, soothing manner.

The Art of the Birdbath

I have made many different pieces that attract birds.  The birdbath is the most simple and straight forward.  It  has a surprising impact on a garden area.  It adds a sculptural element, a sense of permanence, and a focus.  My favorite pieces also add an element of tranquility.  These pieces carved out of solid granite become soft, reflective, and infinite!

If you are considering adding a new piece for your garden this spring please come take a visit to my stone yard.  The range of possibilities is vast.  Some are small, ready made, and instant gratification birdbaths.  Others are water sculpture that happen to attract birds too.  Happy Spring!