Birdbaths | Hand Carved Stone

Natural Stone Bird Baths

Before comical animal videos on YouTube, the best way to enjoy wildlife was in the wild itself.  In addition to adding a solid focal point to your garden, a birdbath truly welcomes birds and other wildlife to your home. We never get tired of seeing an adorable sparrow bathing in a bath basin, fluffing its feathers or a pair of robins carefully stopping for a drink.  The water and the birds’ movement make an ideal moment of zen.

Some of our more attractive birdbaths have an infinity shape with shallow basins.  Furthermore, a site of dripping water is irresistible to a thirsty bird.  Deeper basins can be a more suitable bathing destination.

Pasquale Pilato is an experienced sculptor, familiar with creating birdbaths from New England natural stone and granite.  Some pieces are readily available at their shop and stone yard.  They are also happy to craft one that fits the aesthetic of your home garden.  Material texture, stone color, scale, height, basin depth are all important considerations to complementing your garden.  There is good reasons that birdbaths are a popular improvement to a home garden.  In addition to inviting birds and wildlife, the grain and texture of New England stone is attractive and adds life to your garden.