Fire Pits

Custom Stone Fire Pits


Mark Twain, Redding, CT’s most famous resident once said, “if you don’t like the weather in New England, wait a few minutes.”  Here in Fairfield County and our neighbors in Westchester County, the four seasons can hit hard.  A fire pit makes your outdoor space more accessible and desirable to gather.  They add a focal point and define your entertaining space.  Stone fire pits are popular additions to your outdoor patio, back yard or waterside property.  They add considerable warmth, conviviality and value to your home and garden.  

Clearly, we are big advocates of fire pits, especially stone fire pits.  Custom options make them personal and congruous with your home and property: material, caps, fuel source.  More elegant, refined fire pits can be made with paver stones or laser cut stones.  Traditional, farmhouse-style fire pits are often made with field stone that our masonry team cuts and chisels.  Pasquale has also been crafting fire pits from a single stone and large slabs of granite.  These single stone fire pits are have simultaneously a contemporary and natural aesthetic. Just like any other, these can be outfitted to be gas fired.