Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Custom Outdoor Pizza Ovens


Why chose a custom pizza oven?

We are passionate about creating food with quality ingredients.  When you’re particular about your pizza, when you care about what tomatoes to use, how your dough is made, your olive oil, you probably care about how it is cooked.  We love the science involved in a wood burning oven, with a well-constructed chimney, floor, and opening.  A well-designed wood burning oven enables the proper temperature for the floor, and an even hotter temperature in the air.  We love the correct engineering as much as we love the conviviality and good cheer of party around an outdoor pizza oven.

When Sal first started building and reconstructing ovens, pizza oven kits were not around.  On today’s market, there are many wood-pellets and gas-fired kits.  Of course, we are partial to wood-fired cooking and hand-built with a firebrick dome.  We find that most of the kits are not as attractive or as durable as a custom oven built with natural stone. 

Pride of owning a custom oven starts with the design according to the aesthetic of their home and clients’ taste.  One particular client, in a treed setting and in an antique colonial home, envisioned his custom pizza oven only with field stone.   Another client who lives on the Long Island Sound in a new construction home inspired us to design an oven with clean lines and a uniform color.  She chose flagstone cladding for a unique, outdoor kitchen and wood-burning, custom pizza oven. A client who favored country French bread baking wanted a rustic, Northern European stucco oven in his lush home garden. Another project used river rock for a client’s outdoor oven, for both a polished and natural aesthetic.

Pilato’s Artscape Outdoor Pizza Ovens

While the aesthetics may vary, our ovens have a few predominant qualities:

  • We build ovens with insulated firebrick domes designed for quality heat retention.
  • Our material selection and craftsmanship ensure a durable wood-burning oven.
  • Our oven floors are made out of firebrick rather than refractory cement, enforcing its proper engineering and durability
  • We design and build custom pizza ovens with dome proportions suitable to clients’ individual needs.