Natural Stone Benches

Sculpted by hand and personalized, our natural stone benches are attractive landscape features.  And, of course, they provide seating!

Our natural stone benches serve both a practical and an aesthetic function.  We begin a new project, asking,”Will this bench be for sitting, for looking at, or both?”  Then we consider scale, height, material choice, and placement. Benches can also be peaceful memorials, a timeless way to honor a loved one.  

Our primary medium is New England stone, appropriately complementing most Fairfield County landscapes.  Some of our more creative bench pieces contain mixed mediums, incorporating wood.  Others are made from one large single piece of reclaimed granite. These can be comfortable seating but do not have a classic “bench-look” from afar.  Our work also includes clean, modern pieces that look at home surrounded by decorative gravel or in a linear landscape.  Hand-sculpted, mediation stools can be favorable in secret gardens.

Our stone yard in Wilton has a number of pieces in the rough and some completed benches.  We make them on-site in Wilton, CT from local sourced stone, reclaimed stone, quarried stone, and on-site stone.  We enjoy creating benches that serve our clients’ needs and meet all of their expectations.