Garden Art

Garden Art and Landscape Features

For the love of earth’s geological beauty, we offer granite and marble landscape features.

The first image captures “The Gathering,”  made from granite pillars in a reflection pool at a residence in Redding, CT.  Beautiful cuts of wood also inspire Pasquale.  Some wood is too beautiful to burn!

Pasquale commonly works with other artists, artisans and landscape architects to design, plan and create works custom for clients.  Alternatively, he is happy to invite to check out readily available pieces at his workshop.

We particularly enjoy seeing how the life of the landscape and gardens change and how the stone work and sculpture interacts with the land during different seasons.You can see more images of “The Gathering” in some of these publications:  Connecitcut Post, Connecticut Cottages & Gardens, and this Connecticut-based landscape photography blog a great shot as well.