Stone Steps and Walkways

Natural Stone Steps and Paths

The masonry projects featured here include a range of residential work in Fairfield County.  Some projects are whimsical, large stepping stone paths.  Others are more precise with geometric steps, allowing guests to navigate the property with ease.  Level flagstone landings, 4 inch-thick stone steps can create gravitas and substance.   On the other hand, many of our noteworthy projects are seemingly modest. They are rustic, made with natural stone and are enhanced by the natural growth of lichen and moss. 

Stone Steps

Steps and stairs create, define and shape the space around your home and garden. Since Fairfield County has many beautiful, rolling hills and ridges, stone steps are popular projects.  We consider the aestheitc and material of a home when designing new step projects. Once stone material is selected, we consider and discuss the possibilities of the stones’ shape, cut, dimension, color, texture, placement, joint material and pattern.


Walkways and paths also help create direction to your home and within your landscape.  According to materials, organization and layers, paths and walkways are expressive features to a home and landscape. Natural cut or irregular cut stones, spaced wide apart create a character and cadence to a garden.    A seamless line of flagstone may set a more subtle tempo. 

Material selection is critical when defining your garden’s tone.  Texture, patterns, colors can range within bluestone flagstone, pavers, brick, hand-cut stone and Belgium block.  There are a number of variations in joint selection as well.  Depending on a home’s style and the owner’s objective, a walkway or path can be set with concrete, stone dust, polymeric sand or simply spaced in grass. A pathway to a cottage may look wonderful with creeping thyme, Irish moss or blue star creeper between irregular shaped stones.

In addition to the subtle character that a walkway provides, they serve practical purposes.  A newly set walkway can be easier to shovel after a Connecticut Nor’Easter. And moreover, provides ease leading to a home’s entrance.   


Front Entrance

A front entry pulls so much weight.  It provides a first impression and sets a tone for a home.  In Fairfield County and in Westchester, stone landings and steps are not only popular but practical, durable solutions. 

Rock faced, natural stone with a 2″ or 3″ tread provides a rustic yet stately look.  It makes a statement, iconic to New England.  Flagstone landings and steps are also versatile, practical and durable.  They not only offer a clean aesthetic, but offer stable grounds for rocky soil and uneven grounds.  To provide a more country aesthetic, many home owners like to include field stone.  For a timeless look, Belgium block can help create a clean and classic front entrance.