Stone Veneer




While “stone veneer” is a general term for decorative or protective stone covering for walls, our sample works are more accurately, natural stone siding.  You have come to our masonry website, please allow us to indulge the question: why is natural stone siding is superior to manufactured stone veneer? 

  • Natural stone masonry is designed to last. It is more durable than stone veneer.
  • Beyond craftsmen quality, for a true, romantic New England aesthetic, natural stone siding is superior.  The unique shapes of chiseled stone cannot be manufactured, nor the beauty of natural stone’s texture.  
  • Natural stone masonry speaks to its locality. Stone harvested from Connecticut and New York generally look better on New York and Connecticut homes.

Natural stone siding is versatile and adds tremendous character.  It is for those who want to ensure their home is not “cookie-cutter.”  Our photos are at homes in Westport, New Canaan and other towns in Fairfield County, CT.  Example material includes river rock, field stone and other traditional New England stone.  Applications can be a home facade, a decorative base for a barn or a shower wall.  Natural stone siding transforms a small house into a classic stone cottage. Consider interior applications as well. Stone veneer for fireplace surrounds, bathroom or kitchen walls and wine cellars add tremendous character to a home.