Stone Walls


Our stone wall masonry work features mostly locally-sourced stone, field stone and river rock.  Connecticut’s early settlers and farmers needed to clear stones from their fields. After winter’s ground freeze, the spring “harvest” was an abundance of field stone.  As a result, they built walls for boundaries and retaining the land’s structure. The tradition of stone walls runs deep throughout the state of Connecticut. 

Italian Training, Fairfield County Experience 

Salvatore Pilato learned the masonry craft from his father in Italy. The Italian tradition values geometric precision and carefully thought out stone placement. However, Sal also has decades of experience in Fairfield County, where some towns and scenic roads prefer an adherence to the town’s agrarian masonry tradition; that is a history of building dry-wall structures made with stone exclusively found on site.  Sal and his masons are trained to create walls ranging between these two traditions. 

Connecticut’s Traditional Stone Walls

Sal is well versed in Connecticut’s agrarian stone tradition and history. Serving Fairfield County, he needs to be. “Designated Scenic Roads” typically have specific requirements to ensure walls match the history of the town’s agrarian past.  Beyond the simple rule of not using mortar, the town may require that the face of the wall not be uniformly flat, that stones and angles also not be geometrically precise or that the walls have an uneven top course. Examples of these agrarian walls are particularly prevalent in Redding, Ridgefield and Weston. As a result of these rules, much of Connecticut retains its original character. 

Sal and his masonry team enjoy creating walls that appropriately fit the landscape and the owner’s intentions. Above all, they value high quality workmanship. These are some examples of stone walls created at residences in Fairfield County, Connecticut.  Examples include precise, mortar walls as well as dry walls.  All in all, they celebrate the beauty of Fairfield County stone.

Stone Wall Portfolio